Stephen Hawking Warns About The Rise Of The Robots And Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a notion for lab researchers a decade or so ago. Today, each of us has a little part of AI in our handsets in the form of Siri, or Cortana  or some other AI-based service. Stephen Hawking, the notable physicist, has now warned against the AI.

Stephen Hawking

Artificial Intelligence is immensely useful for us human today, in things ranging from smartphones and tablets to medical and scientific research and more. The downside of the advancements in AI are that the militaries around the globe are actively trying to leverage the power of AI to create more sophisticated weapons and armies.

At this point, Hawking says, we have a choice as to how do we want the future to be. If we continue to be utterly careless and profit-oriented about AI developments, there will soon come a time when computers would be smarter than human brains and if no adequate checks are in place to control this development, it would spell doom for our race.

In a recent piece he wrote, “There is no physical law precluding particles from being organised in ways that perform even more advanced computations than the arrangements of particles in human brains.” He further laments that while such a scenario is absolutely inevitable, scientists and researchers around the world seem little concerned about it. In fact, the right description would be that most stakeholders currently choose to ‘ignore’ the future that is imminent.

Hawking also wrote, “As Irving Good realized in 1965, machines with superhuman intelligence could repeatedly improve their design even further, triggering what Vernor Vinge called a singularity.” Once AI reaches this stage, it would no longer be possible for humans to put the genie back in the bottle.

Source: Independent

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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  1. Tsais

    Hawking doesn’t think that maybe we humans are just a stepping stone to get AI started?

    A continued evolution to fade out something less advanced for something more advanced and beautiful?

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