Study Says Men Try Their Wits On Women Depending On Female Fertility

An interesting study done by the researchers from Florida State University suggests that the amount of effort a man puts for being witty when trying to impress a woman is connected with how much fertile she is. It might come as a surprise, because not even unconsciously can a man know about the fertility of a woman he is trying to impress.

Then how can his be witty based on that? But the researchers have studied how men speak to women when they were at different stage of menstrual cycle and inferred that the more fertile the women were, the more the men tried to be witting changing their sentence structure. This goes to show the innate need of finding the right life partner in humans.

But for the researchers too, their findings were startling because they were thinking of just the opposite to be the case. Earlier studies have shown that when men are attracted to women, they naturally imitate their behavior. Now, for those who could be thinking back to what they did or what happened in their experience, then they might not be able to relate to this, because it is not something that a person involved in a situation could realize while being there. Even upon later reflection one might not be able to say that this is what they did when they were trying to impress the member of the opposite gender.

However, since the study is based on the limited sample with a regional and racial bracketing, it might not apple generally to an overall mass of people around the world. Secondly, it is something which is based on the social behavior of men, which is definitely different and varied with cultures and values. But according to the researchers, they think:

“Our data show that the likelihood of men choosing the same syntactic structure as the women was inversely related to the women’s level of fertility – higher levels of fertility were associated with lower levels of linguistic matching.”

On the other hand, women do not follow the same pattern of social behavior. They act with their usual social skills regardless of their menstrual cycle. The simple reason men do this is because they want women to be impressed by their verbal, linguistic and conversational skills by showing-off their witty side.


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