Tea Leaves In Water Challenge Law Of Gravitation When Water Is Poured

Remember the incident – an apple fell on Newton’s head and he discovered that it is gravity for which if anything is released, it falls down, not goes upwards? Well, that law should be applicable for all things, but a physics undergrad named Sebastian Bianchi at the University of Havana in Cuba has found that particles like tea leaves may not follow the law of gravitation as they can float upstream while water is poured.

Upstream Tea

In 2008, Sebastian Bianchi was making tea. At that time he noticed that tea leaves from his cup had floated upstream, against the pull of gravity, and ended up in his kettle. This scenario inspired him to look into the matter deeply. So, he teamed up with other physicists from the University of Havana and Rutgers University to explore the phenomenon in the lab.

All the physicists set up two tanks where one is higher than the other. The two tanks were connected by a small channel of water. They saw that tea leaves were moving towards higher tank, while it should be going towards the lower tank. Watch particles of chalk move up a channel of flowing water:

The research result has been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

Source: Science News

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