The Idea Of Inception Becomes Real: Control Your Dreams

Most of us were truly baffled by the extra-ordinary movie ‘Inception.’ With a very intelligent plot, the movie dealt with some key aspects of dreams and their psychology. Specifically, Inception proposed that dreams can be controlled. In a latest research at Yale university, researchers seem to confirm this. According to the research, dreams can not only be controlled by people can learn different things during dreams.

Many of us have already experienced the feeling of ‘controlling’ our dreams – when during our dreams, we suddenly realize that ‘oh it’s a dream!’ and then we start ┬ádoing things by ‘choosing’ them. In this way, we control our dream.

Training people to control dreams:
The team at Yale working on this is now planning to ‘train’ people to control their dreams. According to the research, when a person is able to control his dream, he suddenly feels a great sense of achievement. It’s pure joy. Not only that, people who do certain things in a dream, for instance if a person practicing coin-throwing in a dream, he is much better in coin-throwing in actual life than those people who have never dreamt of it. This means that if we dream about a certain skill, we are able to improve our performance at it in real life.

People who can somehow control their dreams are called ‘lucid dreamers.’ A lucid dreamer can steer his dream to practice something he wishes to be good at – in this way, while dreaming, he opens up the ‘learning’ centers of his brain and improves his performance in real life.

Peter Morgan is currently leading the research at Yale. He and his team think that by training people to control their dreams and then perform certain tasks in those dreams, they can help individuals improve their decision-making powers as well as their social control. Needless to state, this opens a vast array of infinite possibilities and somehow seems to affirm the far-fetched notion that was presented in the movie ‘Inception.’

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