THKR-4 Humanoid Robot Rings in The New Year

In Japan, home robots aren’t in every home, but there’s plenty of them in development. The one big difference between them and this ‘bot, designated THKR-4, is that this one was designed with just off-the-shelf parts.This THKR-4 robot is able to serve at the party better than R2-D2 when he has forced to serve on Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge.

The THKR-4 is also able to walk to the refrigerator, grab some champagne, and pour it. It can even do those party poppers. For an encore, it does a massage. This THKR-4 has the potential to be the life of the party, but since it moves around rather jerkily, it is like a zombie. So for now, it is the death of the party.

Check out the video below to see THKR-4 in action.

Here’s longer close-up view of THKR-4’s full demonstration seen from the ROBO-ONE audience projector screen thanks to andonoblog:


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