Tumor Growth In Real Time Using New Imaging Method

While methods as well as technology of detecting tumor growth in our body have been devised, lately researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School have discovered a new method for examining tumor growth by using two high-tech imaging techniques.

Tumor Growth In Real Time

The two high-tech imaging techniques that the researchers used are Multiphoton Laser-Scanning Microscopy (MPLSM) and Optical Frequency Domain Imaging (OFDI). MPLSM is an advanced fluorescence-imaging technology, and OFDI captures tissues using their light-scattering properties. However, the combination of these two high-tech imaging techniques enabled researchers to have the ability to look deeply inside tumors in real time and they found extremely detailed pictures of live tumors as they grew.

Unfortunately, the newly developed method of capturing tumor growth in real time is very much expensive. But researchers believe that this method could be used in research to help scientists better understand tumors and their treatment.

However, the researchers will unveil this new method for examining tumor growth at the Frontiers in Optics annual meeting in Orlando, Fla., on October 9 at 4:15 p.m. ET. Besides, they will also share some more images.

Source: CNET


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