US Scientists Investigate If We Are Living In A Matrix-Style Computer Simulation

Remember the concept behind the cult Matrix trilogy? It essentially involved humans living in the computer simulation of futuristic supercomputers. Now, scientists are trying to find out whether we also live in a similar simulation.


The idea that we live in the simulation, or imagination, of a highly sophisticated and intelligent mind is nothing new. It has been expressed by philosophers since centuries and in modern pop culture, it was popularized with the Matrix trilogy.

The interesting thing about the idea is that there is no way to find out whether its true or not. Scientists have been able to model 100 trillionth of a meter of such a model. A highly sophisticated, futuristic race may be able to develop an entire universe this way. And we could be, but figments in the minds of that race’s supercomputers.

To resolve this conundrum, US scientists now intend to find out whether that really is the case. According to the researchers at University of Washington, certain tests can be used to gauge and then affirm if our existence is ‘real.’ One way to do this is to look for limitations which would inevitably be a part of a simulation – and the nature of these limitations can reveal the truth of our existence.

What is even more intriguing is the notion, cited by one of these researchers, that if indeed we are a computer program, we may be able to contact other universes which are computer simulations and make use of the same platform as us.

Courtesy: Tech Eye

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