Visual Memory Can Be Improved 110 Percent By Electrical Stimulation To The Brain

Researchers in Australia have discovered that when people place an electrode-studded thinking cap on their heads that provide electrical stimulants to their brains, it can improve their visual memory by 110 percent. The electrodes stimulate a region of the brain that has been implicated in autism.

The finding is a follow-up to previous research at the same lab that shows certain types of brain stimulation can unlock savant qualities in people who had not previously exhibited them. To read more, visit Popular Science.

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  1. Gwerti

    kinda scary, if you ask me

  2. Victor Wetherbee

    The idea for this one actually came from an old concept from decades ago (not sure if it was the 70’s or the 80’s). In the long run, this concept can help us find a cure to some mental illnesses like autism or Parkinson’s disease. Electricity sure is fascinating.

  3. Anonymous

    is this real?   if it can come true, it will be very useful

  4. Electrician Belmont

     It has a great change having this kind of idea will be successful someday 🙂

  5. memory_improvement

    This kind of procedures are really helpful to enhance your memory. Puzzle games and mind mapping is also a good way.

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