Wave Glider Robots Voyaged In Sea Attempting New Guinness Record

Who else ever thought this, one day man made machines will make history without man? Tremendous advancement of Liquid Robotic’s Robots, 4 Robots especially titled as Wave Gliders started its Mission to make a New World Record of Travelling the longest distance across Pan Pacific from the San Francisco Bay, to Japan and Australia, by an Automaton on Nov 19.

Wave Glider Robots

It’s been expected that, the 4 Wave Gliders that runs without any fuel or outside propulsion will collect approximate 2.25 million discrete data points. To complete the Voyage successfully, it might need to stay on water more than 300 days (7 Months). James Gosling, one of the creators of the Java Programming language and now Liquid Robotics’ Chief Software Architect indicates this as ‘STUNT’. People of different sectors such as Scientists, Educators, Students, Industry and others will get opportunity to know the Valuable Ocean Data on Salinity, Water Temperature, Waves, Weather, Fluorescence and Dissolved Oxygen, that may never have been possible to know easily before absolutely at Free of Cost.

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According to Graham Hine, Senior Vice President of Operations, Liquid Robotics’, a base Wave Glider Weight approximate 198.4 pounds costs near about $140,000, and one tricked out with a range of Sensors can run between $250,000 and $500,000 each. Travelling together to Hawaii, the 4 robots heading to Australia and Japan , with two headed to each country, after Hawaii, cost about $220,000 each. Making new world record is not only the reason to make Wave Gliders by spending such amount. Though Oceans from all over cover 71% of the planet, but just 5% of them have been explored. So, those who want to study the seas deeply can’t research much, as lots of dangerous and crucial barriers appears in front of them. “We’re far behind the curve from where we need to be,” Sylvia Earle, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and former chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) told CNET last year. “People look at the surface, and they think that’s the ocean, and because they can’t see what’s going on below, they think everything’s just fine. But those of us with decades of exploration [experience know that] the ocean is in trouble, and therefore so are we.”

Additionally, the Gliders are loaded with Sensors that are capable of gathering different kinds of information, including Location, Weather, Water and Air Temperature, Wave Height, Water Color, Water Pressure, Barometric Pressure and many more. As Google is the partner of Liquid Robotics, it can be monitored by Google Earth.

Although the Wave Gliders are Robust and Light, they will still face Practically Physical Challenges on the Oceans. But according to Gosling, Storms may not be that Menacing to them. The robots are especially designed, Gosling said, to survive “Astonishing” waves, including those from Massive Storms. “These guys just stay out there and say, yahoo,” said Gosling. “These guys love the waves.”

Now, it’s time to see, who wins the Battle? Is it the man made unmanned self programmed vehicle ‘Wave Glider’ trying to make a new history in the world or the Ruthless, Brutal and Devastating Current of Oceans who have won lots of time destroying Human Lives? What do you think, who will win? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us cause who knows, your comment could let the Wave Gliders Winner!


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