World’s Tiniest – 200 Nanometre Wide Telecommunications Laser

Lasers are omnipresent in our daily life. It is related to our life daily directly or indirectly. Lasers are getting smaller and more powerful day by day. Since long time researchers have been trying to create the most smallest laser. Recently, scientists have shown off the smallest laser which works at the colours of light used in telecommunications. It can even work at room temperature. The laser is one-fifteenth the size of the light waves it can produce. Wow!

Small lasers can produce wavelengths of light larger than themselves. Most of the time, it is used for practical uses like chip-based optical communications and ultra-high-resolution imaging and to explore the fundamentals of quantum electrodynamics. Lasers have great speed to transmit information than traditional semiconductors. In fact, these new invented lasers are an efficient step in that direction. Apparently, they don’t require a high threshold to start lasing and can remove the threshold entirely. For detail, click here.

A laser’s power increases rapidly through a laser threshold which is called the energy level. They are in small form when light waves from the laser cavity are amplified. While the threshold energy becomes high, lots of input energy is wasted. Therefore, it makes the tiniest lasers impractical. But, Dr. Mercedeh Khajavikhan and Mercedeh’s colleagues at the University of California-San Diego made an experiment and they became successful. They used a cylindrical co-axial arrangement where co-axial as in the type of cable that runs from your wall to the TV. The team built nanoscale lasers. These co-axial arrangement allowed them to capture all the energy of the larger laser. If you want to know more deeply, you can click here.

Prof Shaya Fainman said, “We feel this is just a beginning of a new family of light emitters with superior characteristics, and many advances in this new area are yet to come.”

Source : BBC, PopSci

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