Former Canadian Defense Minister Claims That Aliens Want To Give Us Advanced Tech

Claims about alien sightings aside, Canada’s ex-defense minister Paul Hellyer has now claimed that aliens want to give us advanced technology. According to him, they wouldn’t do so until we stopped waging wars and become a peaceful race.

Paul Hellyer

In a recent interview with Russia Today, Hellyer made some appalling statements which have already made quite a few headlines. In his opinion, aliens have been visiting out planet for thousands of years and that according to his ‘sources’, there may be as many as 80 different species of aliens.

In fact, he even claims to have seen a UFO which, he says, looked like just a star. To complement such a wild observation, he further asserted, “The Star of Bethlehem is one of God’s flying saucers.”

If you are still trying to discern what sorcery is this, read further still. Hellyer says that recently, two female aliens dressed as nuns visited Las Vegas, although he didn’t say how exactly were the two deemed as aliens.

The most interesting part of his science-fiction tirade, however, was that aliens have been wanting to give us advanced tech. But they haven’t done so apparently because we tend to wage wars with new technology. According to him, “They are very much afraid we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again and that would be very bad for us and them as well.”

He went on saying, “We are polluting our waters and our air, and we are playing around with these exotic weapons… and they [the aliens] don’t like that. They’d like to work with us to teach us better ways, but only, I think, with our consent.”

One hopes that with Hellyer’s help, one day planet Earth will finally be absolved of these acts of aggression against nature and that the day shall come when our alien guardians shall descend upon us and hand us the keys to future generations of technology.

Just kidding. Don’t get your hopes up.

Courtesy: PopSci

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