New Space Model Says Black Holes And Neutron Stars Drove Universe’s Reionization

Since the beginning of this universe, space has remained a great mystery to human. However, to understand the universe’s reionization, researchers have made many models of space, each comes with different logic and explanation. Lately, some researchers have made a new model which depicts that black holes and neutron stars drove universe’s reionization.

Radio Image of The X-ray Binary Circinus X-1

During the first billion years of the Universe’s history, the gradual cooling from the Big Bang was reversed, and much of the gas was re-heated and ionized. This event, known as reionization, happened in the epoch where the first stars and galaxies formed. Most of our understanding of reionization comes from theoretical models. According to various models, high-mass stars formed in large numbers early in the Universe’s history, but something that massive explodes in a supernova after a relatively short time. Many of the remains—neutron stars and black holes—would form binary systems with stars or other remnants, generating huge numbers of X-ray photons as they fed on stray matter.

Some typical models have predicted that these X-ray binaries would heat the primordial gas rapidly, creating bubbles of plasma surrounded by neutral material. But, Anastasia Fialkov, Rennan Barkana and Eli Visbal have created a new model, suggesting that the X-ray photons would be very inefficient at transferring energy to the gas and would therefore heat it far more slowly. The X-rays in the new model include neutron stars or black holes. This new model can predict a unique pattern in light emission from the primordial gas, which could conceivably be measured by current radio telescopes.

The new predictions in this model have immediate observational consequences. For instance, the relatively late occurrence of reionization means the neutral gas was a lot cooler than in other models, leading to increased absorption that could be measured. If this signature of neutral gas is measured, it would be a strong hint that X-ray binaries were responsible for a lot of reionization.

Source: Ars Technica

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