Get Ready For A Brilliant Meteor Shower This Saturday

Stargazers out there who wait all around the year for the rare glimpse of a meteor shower, get that equipment in place and be ready. A major meteor shower is expected to appear on the night sky on Saturday, with North America ideally suited for the beautiful sight.

Meteor shower

The forecast comes courtesy of NASA and according to the agency, the shower will be visible between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. Eastern Time this Saturday. The best place to view the shower will be just east of the Mississippi River or California. If you are unable to catch a glimpse of the sight, you can still catch a live view of the sky above Huntsville, Alabama at NASA’s official website.

Commenting on this event, NASA’s head of Meteoroid Environment Office Bill Cooke said, “We expect these meteors to radiate from a point in Camelopardalis, also known as ‘the giraffe,’ a faint constellation near the North Star.”

This particular meteor shower has been named Camelopardalids. Just like our Earth, this meteor shower also circles around the Sun and comes across Earth’s orbit every five years. For those of you stationed in North America, this is a rare opportunity to see the sky light up and snap up photos of this beautiful sight. Don’t forget to share these photos with us shall you be successful in grabbing some.

Courtesy: CNN

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