Pluto Flyby Confirmed: Signal Received From New Horizons

Now it’s confirmed. Mission control has received the confirmation signal. New Horizons has made the successful Pluto Flyby. Keep reading in details.

The team declared “Job Well Done”! After the tensed “Incommunicado” phase, the confirmation signal travelled over 3 billion miles, and now we know we have made a successful Pluto Flyby. At 8:52:37 EST mission control received the confirmation signal.

President Obama congratulating the team

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said – “I know we have inspired a new generation of explorers,”

Though it will take us quite some time to receive all the data and images collected from the Flyby, to be exact it will take the New Horizons about 16 months to send the images and data it collected over the Flyby.

But we expect at least some data and maybe more new images from now on. To be exact we will have another data transfer period from 5AM this morning in EST, and that will serve for few hour. So everyone is super excited to take a look at never seen like images of Pluto, with more science data. There will be another media briefing with hopefully new image and amazing science data on 3PM tomorrow at EST.


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