Curiosity May Have Spotted A UFO On Mars

Many people believe that UFOs do exist, while the rest don’t. But when you find a sign or clue of a UFO, at then you usually can’t deny the existence of UFOs. And now it seems like UFOs really exist in this world as Mars Rover Curiosity may have found evidence of a UFO streaking through the sky on the red planet.

Mark Of A UFO

Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012, and has spent its time investigating and analyzing the landscape and geology of the red planet. The $2.5 billion rover has been sent to the planet to assess if the planet most like Earth has or ever had the chemical ingredients and environments for microbial life. However, Curiosity has already revealed many things of Mars. And now, a photo snapped by Curiosity reveals that a UFO might have streaked through the sky on Mars.

According to UFO hunters, the above picture that Curiosity has taken shows a possible extra terrestrial craft. In the image, you can see a bright/white object in the air which appears to have a conical shape and vapour trail. If you look at it closely, you will see it looks to be moving to the upper right side of the photo. Here’s a video.

Thanks To: Daily Mail

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