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MIT Study Finds Fault With Mars One Colony Concept

Mars One is the very first one way human mission to Mars which is expected to see the light within few years. To be more specific, Netherlands-based startup Mars One wants to set the first human colony on Mars in 2023. But, MIT study has found fault with Mars One colony concept.

Incredible And Amazing Photos Justify That Mars Is “Awesome”

Although unveiling many secrets and details, Mars, the fourth closest planet to the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System, after Mercury, has still remained one of the main attractions to scientists, researchers and astronomers. The planet is really "awesome" and these incredible and amazing photos justify that. See for yourself.

Curiosity Found Huge Meteorite On Mars

Space agency NASA firmly believes that red planet Mars holds enormous secrets in it. Until now, Mars rover Curiosity has excavated many secrets of Mars. And now it seems like Curiosity has revealed another big secret of the planet. Lately, it's been reported that Curiosity has discovered huge meteorite on Mars.

NASA Claims Bacteria Could Colonize On Mars

Bacteria are found in almost every environment since they are able to survive in many different habitats. They are also able to survive in extreme temperatures and can live with or without oxygen. Although Mars is not a habitable place, NASA has claimed that bacteria could colonize on Mars.
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