Life On Mars May Have Existed Just 200,000 Years Ago, Young Rock Formations Provide Evidence

If a planet contains water, that bears the sign that it may capable to support life. For long time, many researchers have believed that Mars has the capability to support life. Lately, NASA scientists have revealed that young rock formations have provided evidence that life on Mars may have existed 200,000 years ago.

Ancient fresh water lake on Mars

Earlier NASA had mentioned that life on Mars may have existed 3.6 billion years ago. Later NASA revealed a video, showing how Mars used to look like billions of years ago. Soon after releasing the found, Mars rover Curiosity found ancient lakebed on the red planet. This helped NASA to assume possible water flow on Mars. However, later NASA discovered new evidence of water in Mars’ meteorite.

Later, NASA reported that there was a young crater in the red planet’s southern hemisphere which had been containing well-preserved gullies and sediment deposits, which later formed by water. After studying the crater, NASA scientists estimated that the crater is about 200,000 years old.

Dr Andreas Johnsson, lead scientist from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden said, “Gullies are common on Mars but the ones which have been studied previously are older, and the sediments where they have formed are associated with the most recent ice age. Our study crater on Mars is far too young to have been influenced by the conditions that were prevalent then. This suggests that the melt water-related processes that formed these deposits have been exceptionally effective also in more recent times.”

NASA has revealed a video showing the evolution of Mars. Check it out.

Courtesy: Daily Mail



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