NASA Teams Up With LEGO To Launch ‘Design And Build Competition’ For Students

Earlier, we have seen NASA arranging a competition for students across the world to write down their names in history by naming an asteroid that may hit Earth in future. Yesterday, NASA said that it would team up with LEGO to offer a competition to see who can build the coolest models of future airplanes and spacecraft.

Competition To Build The Coolest Models Of Future Airplanes And Spacecraft

The name of the competition is “NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build.” The competition will be divided into two categories. The first one will be “Inventing our Future of Flight” and the second one will be “Imagine our Future Beyond Earth”.

According to NASA, participants will design and build their models from Lego bricks based on real concepts and new technology NASA’s aeronautics innovators are working on to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions and noise.

To build up a model from Lego bricks or using the Lego Digital Designer computer program, applicants in “Inventing our Future of Flight” category must prepare and write a technical paper that explain how the contest design takes advantage of NASA’s ideas and potentially improves on them, the space agency stated. Young students aged from 13 to 18 or an open group having participants with minimum age of 13 are eligible for this competition. Only two winners will receive a custom-made LEGO trophy and a collection of NASA memorabilia.

On the other hand, contestants of “Imagine our Future Beyond Earth” would have to use their imaginations to design and build a futuristic vehicle such as airplane,  rocket, spacecraft, satellite, rover or something else using Lego bricks that might travel through the air or in space. This competition is open to entrants 16 or older. The grand prize is a LEGO set signed by the set’s designer and a collection of NASA memorabilia.

It’s been stated on the Lego website, “Along with a creative, innovative, and well-built project, groups/individual participants must also be able to communicate their project’s place in the overall aeronautics picture through the technical research component. Judging will be based on the quality of the prototype model, the research paper, and the ability of the model and paper to reflect and enhance the characteristics of each”.

The “NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build” competition is open now with an entry deadline of July 31. Winners in each category will be selected by a panel of NASA and LEGO officials and announced September 1. To read the complete rules and guidelines for submitting the LEGO model and technical paper, visit here.

Source: NASA

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