North Korea Integrating A Rocket At Its Sohae Launch Pad

North Korea had been planning to install a rocket at its Sohae launch pad. According to news agency Yonhap’s report, the country has already begun installing a rocket at its Sohae launch pad ahead of a planned launch this month.

At present scientists are busy in assembling the three-stage rocket at the Sohae station. Yonhap mentioned that an unnamed South Korean government source said, “North Korea installed the first-stage rocket onto the launch pad. That means North Korea is starting its process of launching a long-range missile.” On the other side, South Korean intelligence and military officials said, “It will take three or four days for North Korea to erect all three stages of the long-range rocket.”

However, different news media of North Korea are saying that the country is going to put an observation satellite into space between 10 and 22 December. But North Korea should be highly cautious to launch this rocket as the launch may violate UN Security Council restrictions that prevent the country from conducting missile or nuclear-related activities.

According to Reuters, Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement, “We urgently appeal to the government (of North Korea) to reconsider the decision to launch a rocket.”

Source : BBC

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