NASA Astronauts Cast Their Votes For President Election From Space

Yesterday, people in the U.S. were busy voting for their next President. The NASA astronauts, currently in space, were not left out either. These astronauts cast their votes from the International Space Station (ISS).

Astronauts Voted From Space For U.S. President Election

This year’s President election has created one of the most competitive election battles ever in the history of U.S. Presidential election. We have seen a very tough fight between the last President of U.S. Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. To win the President election, they needed a total of 270 electoral votes. We have come to know that, Barack Obama has beat Mitt Romney and won the president election. Obama has got 281 electoral votes and Romney got 201 votes. However, people U.S. have tried to choose the eligible president may win. Though some NASA astronauts are in space, they have participated electing this year’s President and have cast their votes from space.

Source : PopSci

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