[Video] An Astronaut Was About To Die Due To Water Leakage Into His Helmet, But Survived

Last year during a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS), an ESA  astronaut who was also a flight engineer, was about to die as water was leaking into his helmet and clinging to his head in zero gravity, making it impossible to hear or be heard over his radio headset. At that moment, an American astronaut saved his life by taking him back to an airlock before the water had covered his nose and mouth. However, today we have brought an exclusive video showing you what happened when water began covering the head of that astronaut during the spacewalk.

Astronaut Outside Spacecraft In Space

Last year on July 16, everything began as normal, when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano and American Chris Cassidy set out for a routine spacewalk. And at then, all on a sudden, water started leaking from Parmitano’s helmet. At then Parmitano told mission control, “I feel a lot of water on the back of my head. I am sweating, but it feels like a lot of water.” In fact, water began coating his head and started approaching his nose and mouth. Here’s that exclusive video.

Regarding this incident, NASA said, this “probably the most serious [spacewalk incident] that we’ve encountered.”

Thanks To: National Geographic
Video Credit: NASA/Arrow Media

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