Russian Soyuz Rocket Sets Off For ISS With Three Astronauts

Russia has launched Soyuz rocket into orbit on today. The rocket flew from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, carrying three astronauts from Russia, USA and Japan toward the International Space Station.

Russian Soyuz Rocket Flies Toward The International Space Station, Image Credit :

The Soyuz TMA-05M rocket is carrying three astronauts – NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, Russian cosmonaut Yury Malenchenko and Japan’s Akihito Hoshide. The spacecraft set off from Kazakhstan at 02:40 GMT today. Families and colleagues watched the launch of Soyuz Rocket from an observation platform. NASA TV also showed the Soyuz soaring smoothly into a blue sky live.

Three New Astronauts In Russian 'Soyuz' Rocket, Image Credit : AP Photo/Vyacheslav Oseledko, Pool
Soyuz Rocket Set Off Towards ISS, Image Credit : NASA

The Soyuz is schedule to dock on ISS this Tuesday at 08:52 AM Moscow time (04:52 GMT). The three new astronauts will join another three existing crew members who are already in ISS. The three astronauts will take part in the space station’s Expedition 32 mission with the old astronauts. The mission will run for four months.

Source : Washington Post

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