See The One Year Journey Of Curiosity On Mars In Just Two Minutes [Video]

Almost a year passed since Mars rover Curiosity landed on Mars. Within this time, Curiosity has drilled and dug Mars and collected samples of the red planet. However, lately NASA has published a two-minute long video along with the help of 548 images that Curiosity captured with its fish-eye lens hazard-avoidance camera (Hazcam) mounted at the rover’s front during its mission so far.


The imagery includes lots of shots of the rover’s 7-foot-long robotic arm lowering into the Martian surface to drill for rock samples. It also shows shadow of the rover’s own car-sized body flickering across Mars as the sun rises and sets and many shots of the rover’s tracks in the dirt. But unfortunately, there’s no sound in the video. Here’s the video.

Curiosity is supposed to stay on the red planet 11 months more (depending on its battery power). But it could stay longer if it can save more juice and remain in good working condition.

Source: JPL News (YouTube)

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