Spacecraft Will Use Human Waste As Radiation Shield On Its Journey To Mars

Though NASA has conducted many tough missions successfully like sending Curiosity to Mars. However, it hasn’t dared enough to announce a manned mission to Mars yet. American millionaire Dennis Tito, who is widely known as the first space tourist to fund his own trip into space, has announced at the National Press Club that he plans to send a married couple to have a 501 day round trip to the Mars. The spaceship that will take them to Mars will use human waste as a radiation shield.

Inspiration Mars Spacecraft

American millionaire Dennis Tito believes that there are many people who would like to visit space as well as planets. In fact, he was the very first man who spent $20 million to be the first private space tourist in 2001. Now, he has created the Inspiration Mars Foundation organization. The organization will arrange everything for people who would like to visit space at their own cost.

Tito Mars Flyby Mission

At the National Press Club, Tito announced that he plans to send a married couple to have a 501 day trip to the red planet Mars through Inspiration Mars, the first private mission to the red planet. During the journey, the biggest issue the crew will face on the trip is cosmic radiation. They will have to rely on a shield of water, food, and human waste to protect them from cosmic rays.

The walls of the Inspiration Mars spacecraft will initially be lined with water-filled bags to guard against cosmic rays. Their contents will be gradually replaced and the byproduct will be dehydrated through the bag to reclaim and purify water for drinking.

The mission to take two amateur space tourists to Mars will start in 2018.

Source: Space
Thanks To: New Scientist

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