[Video] Watch What Felix Baumgartner Saw During His Free-fall From 128,000 Feet Above Earth

Remember skydiver Felix Baumgartner who successfully jumped from 128,000 feet above the ground in October of 2012? That jump broke the world record for the parachute jump from the highest altitude, as well as the record for the jump with the greatest free-fall velocity. However, lately a video has been released showing what Felix Baumgartner saw during his 128,000 feet above space jump.

Freefall Jump

When Baumgartner jumped off from 128,000 feet above the ground, he was equipped with GoPro‘s high-definition portable camera. Recently, GoPro company has released some incredible footage from that space jump that shows exactly what Baumgartner saw while he hurtled through space at 843.6 miles per hour. The video footage allows viewers to see and hear Baumgartner preparing for his big jump. In the video, you will hear him saying, “Sometimes you have to get up really high to see how small you are.” Here’s the video.

The whole thing is pretty incredible. Thanks to GoPro’s camera for recording such extraordinary moments that we haven’t previously been able to see.

Source: Business Insider

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