Scientists Say There May Be A Giant Wormhole At The Center Of Our Galaxy

Wormholes are one of the most interesting phenomenon in physics, theoretically possible but never been spotted. Scientists have now speculated that the huge blackhole at the center of our galaxy may after all be a wormhole.


So what is it about wormholes that makes them so fascinating? For a start, scientists believe that these portions in space induce time-travel, so if you end up directing your spaceship to a warmhole, you may go into a different dimension, or a parallel universe.

There is also the possibility that wormholes are sort of openings which connect multiple universe. This concept builds on the famous notion from quantum mechanics that there are countless parallel universes.

Cosimo Bambi and Zilong Li of the Fudan University in Shanghai are really optimistic that we may soon spot a wormhole in our galaxy. Their optimism is based on a development that is about to happen in the space exploratory prowess of mankind. The paper by the duo mentions as much,

“In a few years, the VLTI instrument GRAVITY will have the capability to image blobs of plasma orbiting near the innermost stable circular orbit of SgrA∗, the supermassive black hole candidate in the Milky Way. The secondary image of a hot spot orbiting around a wormhole is substantially different from the one of a hot spot around a black hole, because the photon capture sphere of the wormhole is much smaller, and its detection could thus test if the center of our Galaxy harbors a wormhole rather then a black hole.”

If GRAVITY confirms that the said blackhole is a wormhole, this may be one of the most exciting discoveries of mankind out in the space.

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