Asus Likely To Manufacture The Next Nexus 10, Leaked Document Shows

When Google decided to launch a tablet of its own, Asus was the lucky company which was charged with furnishing the hardware part and overlooking the design of the first slate – Nexus 7. Now, Google is gearing up for a refresh of its Nexus 10 slate and Asus seems to have won the bid, yet again.

Nexus 10 leak

The original Nexus 7 was quite a success, which is precisely why Google decided to continue its partnership with Asus for the second-generation of Nexus 7 slates. The continuation of the partnership essentially shows that Asus was able to deliver on Google’s design and hardware requirements.

The first Nexus 10 that Google released was a joint collaboration between the search giant and Samsung. However, the larger slate was unable to garner as much success as the smaller Nexus 7.

In view of this, it is understandable now that Google has decided to forge a new partnership with Asus. The partnership will involve Asus manufacturing the second-generation slate of Nexus 10. For now, this is only a rumor, but certain leaks tend to substantiate it. The leaked document shows a Google Nexus 10 16G WiFi carrying the Asus branding.

However, the expected hardware specifications of the upcoming slate are not known, although many have claimed that Google will make it available just in time for the holiday season.┬áIt is also being reported that the second-generation Nexus 10 slate will be made available on Google Play Store as well as Best Buy retail stores. Given Asus’ knack of creating well-designed tablets with decent specs, we can expect that the upcoming Nexus 10 model may fare better than the original one.

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