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The New ‘Mega’ Goes Live For The Public

The founder of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, has long been promising that he is going to deliver a new file-sharing service which would be far more secure than his previous venture. He unveiled Mega a while ago and allowed select individuals to test it out as a beta service. Dotcom has tweeted that the service is now available to the public.

The New Mega Is Big On Security But Falls Short On Privacy

When Kit Dotcom launched an all-new Mega as a replacement for the now late MegaUpload, we had hoped that the new service would be meant to safeguard the anonymity and privacy of the users. However, whereas the new Mega is big on security, encrypting all uploaded data, it does fall short of providing adequate privacy features.

German Court Deems Anonymous File-Sharing As Illegal

Anonymous file-sharing, in which data passes through trusted friends in a network, has gained traction in recent months. However, a German court has now ruled that if a person exists on such a network and let data pass through his/her machine to other users, he/she will be held accountable for it.