Rapidshare To Drop Unlimited Storage Plans, Brings 2 New Ones Instead

Last Tuesday, online video storage and sharing site Rapidshare announced through its official blog that the company has decided to drop unlimited file storage plans. According to the company, it’s not easy to provide unlimited file storage plans since Megaupload has been taken down.


Rapidshare has brought new storage plans for customers. Instead of limiting file downloads by bandwidth, now the files that free users upload are limited to 1 Gigabyte of traffic per day, while the limit of registered users is set to 30 Gigabytes per day. This means the amount of files are not affected by limitations.

RapidPro customers will be able to store 250 or 500 Gigabyte from March 20, 2013. Be noted, the change will affect all the customers of the website, even those who have paid before. On the other side, existing users have got two options if their storage exceeds the limit. One, they can delete data by themselves or let Rapidshare delete the data automatically if they don’t do in time. And the other is they can pay more for storage.

RapidPro users have been notified about the policy changes through email along with new plans that matches their current plans. Free users accounts will be set to 5GB data limit. And if any user’s data exceeds limit, the data will be deleted by Rapidshare and users will have no right to say anything. Here are the two plans that Rapidshare sent its users through email:

  • 250 Gigabyte of storage are available for 9.99 € per month or 99.99 € per year.
  • 500 Gigabyte of storage are available for 19.99 € per month or 199.99 € per year.

No doubt, this sudden decision of changing storage plan will affect many users of Rapidshare.

Source: Ghacks

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