The New ‘Mega’ Goes Live For The Public

The founder of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, has long been promising that he is going to deliver a new file-sharing service which would be far more secure than his previous venture. He unveiled Mega a while ago and allowed select individuals to test it out as a beta service. Dotcom has tweeted that the service is now available to the public.

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom has chosen the date of launching his new service rather carefully. In his tweet, Dotcom wrote that exactly one year ago, the U.S. government took down MegaUpload and that now, a year forth, he has presented the web audience with ‘Mega.’

Apparently, Mega is an instant hit on the web as thousands have lined up to set up their accounts on its website. Keeping the followers informed with regular updates regarding Mega, Dotcom tweeted that, “Site is extremely busy. Currently thousands of user registrations PER MINUTE.”

His claim seems to have merit since the website became intermittently inaccessible due to heavy traffic. Dotcom is also planning a rather mega-conference about the launch of the new service. The conference was scheduled be hosted at his own mansion in New Zealand on January 20th.

The new service from the founder of MegaUpload provides the users with 50GB of storage space for free. Users can have their storage space expanded by signing up for the premium account. The fact that all data uploaded to the Mega accounts is encrypted automatically and is, thus, secure from third parties may add to its overall charm. So we can expect the service to become a significant web player in the coming days.

Courtesy: CNET

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