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[Tutorial] How To Setup MMS on Android

For different network provider the MMS setting is different. MMS in the Android device allows the device to send multimedia messages. So if your Android mobile does not set it automatically or properly, you have to set it manually. This tutorial will guide you to do that.

[Tutorial] How To Change Keyboard On Android

Many of you may not like the default keyboard of your Android device. There are some other issues also like if the device doesn't support your native language then you might need a customized native language keyboard on your Android device. Please follow the tutorial on how to change the keyboard on Android.

[Tutorial] How To Disable Geotagging On Android

Geo-tagging actually keeps the location information of the taken pictures in Android in real time through GPS or internet or both. So there is the possibility of security breach of the person taking pictures. So many of you might want to disable this feature for your own sake. Here is the tutorial for how to disable Geo-tagging on Android.

[Tutorial] How To Change Default Music Player On Android

Listening to the music and watching videos re one of the main reasons of the popularity of Smartphones. You can customize whatever you want in your Android device. You may not like the default player giver by the manufacturer. Here's our tutorial on how to change the default music player on your Android device.

Top 5 Budget Android Tablets Of 2014

Sometimes, high end Tablets are only for recreational purpose and does not worth to buy if you only focus on its productivity. We have listed and accumulated some important points here which will help you to choose a perfect Android Tablet within your low budget.

Top 5 Android Tablets Of 2014 You Want To Buy!

We have categorized some of the best Android Tabs here keeping in mind about watching movies and playing games on those. We came up with these Tabs based on their features size, simplicity of use, battery life and above all how it means to you for having a highly configured Tab.
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