[Tutorial] How To Change Font On Android

Are you sick of texting on your Android mobile? Then may be a slight change or customization will help you to change the feeling. Sometimes it happens that due to the style of the font get you feel irritated while texting or posting status on Facebook. Our today’s tutorial is about how to change Font on Android.

Android; Image Courtesy: Google
Android; Image Courtesy: Google

Please follow the below steps to change Font on your Android. I used LG G3 S Android Smartphone for this tutorial. You can use any Android mobile you like. The steps might be little different for different manufacturers but the basic approach should be same.

Step 1: Go to “Settings”.



Step 2: Tap on “Display” Category.


Step 3: There you will find “Font Type”. Tap on that and you will find some more font options to select.

Step 4: On the right top corner, you will may see “+” sign. Tap on that sign if you want to download more font option.



Step 5: Go back to Display option.

Step 6: Here you have another option “Font Size” to change the size of your font.


Let us know in comments if you find this guide helpful!

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