Curiosity Found Huge Meteorite On Mars

Space agency NASA firmly believes that red planet Mars holds enormous secrets in it. Until now, Mars rover Curiosity has excavated many secrets of Mars. And now it seems like Curiosity has revealed another big secret of the planet. Lately, it’s been reported that Curiosity has discovered huge meteorite on Mars.

Huge Meteorite On Mars

NASA scientists have named the meteorite Lebanon. The meteorite is nearly 7 feet (2 meters) wide and made of iron. Although Curiosity actually discovered Lebanon on Mars’s surface on May 25 using its high-resolution Chem-Cam and Remote Micro-Imager cameras, NASA revealed the photos of this newly discovered meteorite on last Tuesday, July 15. While looking at the photos of this meteorite deeply, NASA scientists discovered that there was another small rock beside Lebanon. They are calling that small rock as Lebanon B.


The interesting thing is NASA spokesman Guy Webster from the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California has said that Curiosity also found a third meteorite at the same time after it had spotted the Lebanon rocks. The image (raw and unprocessed) above you see is of the third meteorite which is also about 7 feet wide beyond the closer Lebanon meteorites.

Webster has mentioned that the three meteorites are the first space rocks on Mars discovered by the Curiosity rover since it landed on the red planet in August 2012. Now it remains to be seen what else Curiosity could reveal before it is brought back to Earth.

Source: NASA

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