Mars One Mission Completes Second Stage, Selected 705 Candidates

Remember Mars One – the very first one way human mission to Mars? The mission organizer has now selected 705 candidates for the mission. The selected candidates are from Australia, Brazil, USA, even from Bangladesh and many more developing countries.

[Concept] Human Colony On Mars

Before proceeding further, lets go back to flash back a little bit. Netherlands-based startup Mars One wants to set the first human colony outside the Earth. The startup has chosen the red planet Mars for the mission. The group hopes to set the first human colony on Mars in 2023. However, Mars One started receiving nineteen-week long application process from 120 countries.

What applicants had to do was to upload a video and show enough motivation, good sense of humor, and nerves of steel, and the desire of not coming back to Earth. Through elimination process, only a group of 28-40 people will be selected and they will be trained for the next 7 years for the mission. And the final team for the mission will be selected based on audience poll.

At first, the mission organizer primarily selected 1,058 people from more than 2, 00, ooo applicants for the mission. And after the second elimination, only 705 candidates have now been passed for the next selection round. However, Mars One has revealed that out of this 705 candidates, 418 are male and more than 287 are female. Of this 705 candidates, 313 from USA, 187 from Europe, 136 from Asia,  41 from Africa and 28 from Oceania.

The very important thing for selecting the candidates is Mars One is not judging the origin of the candidates. Rather the startup has just focused on the motivation and sense of humor as well as nerves of steel and the desire of not coming back to Earth for selecting the candidates. And that’s why, even from developing countries the Mars One has selected people for the Mars One mission. From Bangladesh, the startup has selected 4 candidates of which three are females (Salma Meher AiesheeLulu FerdousLabonya Nirjan) and one is male (Mahfuzur Rahman).

The selected 705 candidates will be interviewed by the Mars One selection committee, headed by Dr. Norbert Kraft, Chief Medical Officer of Mars One. Regarding this selection and interview process, Dr. Kraft has said, “We’re incredibly excited to start the next phase of Round 2, where we begin to better understand our candidates who aspire to take such a daring trip. They will have to show their knowledge, intelligence, adaptability and personality.”

If you are interested in watching their interview, then you don’t have to worry. Mars One organization is now in negotiations with media companies in order to cover those interviews. As soon as the television deal is finalized, the interviews as well as their stories for going to one way Mars mission will be shared with the world. Apart from this, you will also be able to see the landing of Mars One spacecraft on Mars as it will be broadcast live.

Source: Mars One

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