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Long Passwords May Lead To DoS Attacks

For long, security researchers have preached longer passwords because the odds of cracking them are less than shorter passwords. However, now it has been revealed that longer passwords come with the risk of possible DoS attacks, especially if no specific password length is maintained by the web service.

Hackers Deface Google Palestine Site

Since Google's localized versions normally garner the highest amounts of traffic, they are the primary targets of different hackers. The localized Palestinian site of Google was recently defaced by hackers who were apparently 'trying' to put out a political message.

[Video] Police Introduce New Body Cameras

Although having latest technologies, police spend huge time on paperwork when they catch any criminal or suspect. To ease their work, police now use new technologies like body worn cameras and tablet computers, which help them spend less time on paperwork and more time on the beat. Lately, police have introduced new body cameras.