Customized Volkswagen Beetle Comes With A Bathtub In Its Backseat

Have you ever thought a car with a bathtub? It may sound like funny, but the very interesting thing is now it’s real. Renowned automobile maker Volkswagen has modified Beetle and now it comes with a bathtub in its backseat!

Volkswagen Beetle With Bathtub In Its Backseat

The Volkswagen Beetle (often known as the Bug in the US) has been around since the 1930s. It is adored worldwide for its simplistic and cute rounded design. Since the beginning, Volkswagen has always tried to modify this car from all sides. We have already seen many modified version of Beetle. Now the company has modified this car by setting a Japanese bathtub in its backseat. So, what’s the story behind coming up with such idea?

Well, the Volkswagen Group Japan organized a caravan event titled the “Whatever you wish to do with the Beetle, do it” project. They traveled to five locations within the country, encouraged local Beetle lovers to dream big and wrote down what they (general people) wished to do with their signature vehicle on these adorable car-shaped cards. Volkswagen collected a total of 6,500 wild wishes of which, the organizers picked up the wish “drive with an open-air bath in the rear seat of a convertible Beetle.

So, the company customize Beetle by installing a Japanese bathtub in its rear seat. The bathtub is constructed with Japanese cypress wood and equipped with an original noren (traditional Japanese curtains often used at bath houses).

No doubt, Beetle is a dreamlike fusion of the east and west, tradition and modern technology, and there’s definitely nothing shoddy about this creation!

Source: Netorabo

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