Microsoft Invites Users For Public Beta Of Xbox Live Update

Microsoft is due to roll out the public beta of Xbox 360 update for the current year. However, just ahead of the release, the company wants the Xbox Live members to lay their hands on the update as part of the public beta. It isn’t clear as to what new features Microsoft will be offering as part of the update.

Xbox Live

While details of the new update are scarce, some have noted that Microsoft has been planning on adding better support for local currency. In view of this, the new Xbox 360 update may include the ability to perform transactions using local currency. If indeed this feature is a part of the update, it can be immensely useful to Xbox users all around the globe.

One of the key reasons why such a feature is needed just now is because the Microsoft Points Systems is nearing its end. Conventionally, Xbox users pay in Points when making their online purchases but now that the system is being eliminated by Microsoft, the company needs a viable alternative to replace it. Therefore, it would make sense if Microsoft offers support for local currency in its upcoming update.

You can sign up for the public beta on an Xbox machine and the position for beta testers are limited. So Microsoft will only allow a select, few Xbox users to test out the public beta. Moreover, any users who are fortunate enough to be included in the beta testing will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Courtesy: Daily Tech

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