12 Days Of Christmas By Apple

It has been a tradition by Apple to introduce different kinds of free gifts for it’s users every Christmas. Going with this tradition, Apple will be launching ‘12 days of Christmas‘ from Dec 26 to Jan 6. The offer will be available for users of certain regions and is not currently for the US users.

Apple launched a similar holiday season last year. The gifts which Apple offered during last year’s holiday season included a variety of things: limited episodes of seasons, songs, best-selling novels, music and apps and a lot more.

The offer is not yet available to the US market but has been launched on the UK App store. According to Apple, the offer will soon be up on Canada App store too. Apart from these two countries, limited countries in Europe will also be availing the offer.

Those who do not fall within any of these countries need not lost heart because Apple has something in store for all Apple users. All such users are invited to visit Apple’s iTunes page on Dec 26 and according to Apple, you will receive a special gift for your computers.

The brief holiday-offering by Apple is seen by many as a very successful marketing move which has resulted in the bolstering of it’s sales during the holidays. Naturally, free apps from Apple is a rarity indeed and users will be flocking in millions to avail it. And from those millions, if a few thousand end up buying things on App store, that’s not very improbable at all.

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