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Motorola Mobility showcases software and service offerings at Mobile World Congress 2011.Motorola has just released the latest version of the Media Link iTunes sync software with version 1.5 and the Motoblur interface has also been updated with enhanced location, messaging, music nd gallery features.Motorola will also launch a new cloud-based media streaming service following its acquisition of ZumoCast……

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. is announcing software innovation that offers unparalleled access to converged mobile computing experiences.Motorola Mobility will showcase the latest software innovations featured in its extensive smartphone and mobile computing portfolio.Motorola Mobility brings Android to enterprise with 3LM and Ready for Business 3LM a recent acquisition ets a new standard for enterprise computing on the Android platform for allowing users to enjoy all the benefits of a smartphone with the full push delivery of corporate e-mail and security. Leveraging 3LM technology as well as its Ready for Business Suite, Motorola Mobility will offer the first mobile management solution for Android devices that supports all of the critical IT device policies commonly requested by enterprises and governmental entities. 3LM and Ready for Business software enable the adoption of Android enterprise-ready devices by addressing ease-of-use, cost-of-management and security concerns of information technology teams and chief information officers.

Motorola Mobility is creating a suite of solutions that allow consumers to connect with the entertainment content and personal files they want, when they want them, from anywhere. By merging ZumoCast and Motorola Media Link into a single platform consumers will benefit from their own private cloud.Understanding that users will continue to have their content located in multiple locations, Motorola Media Link 1.5 is simplifying the desktop sync experience for Mac platforms by enabling the seamless transfer of content from iTunes music, Windows Media Player files, photos and videos. Motorola Media Link 1.5 will be available for PC users in March.

Motorola Mobility is making it easier than ever for consumers to create and control their own private cloud from anywhere in the world. Motorola Mobility is integrating the recently acquired Zecter Technology‘s ZumoCast into a sync and remote access platform for desktops, smartphones and tablets for delivering a simple way for consumers to easily and instantaneously access their home collection of music, video, photos and documents.The Evolution of MOTOBLUR is a newly enhanced services platform that enables personal connections.The evolution of MOTOBLUR leverages the social power found within the existing MOTOBLUR platform to offer enhanced location, messaging, music and gallery features.

MOTOBLUR‘s new Connected Music service makes sharing and buying music-related content a snap. Consumers can follow what friends are listening to, get recommendations on new songs and purchase them immediately. And while songs are playing, lyrics are streamed so users can sing along without missing a beat.MOTOBLUR‘s new Connected Gallery service merges photos and videos on your phone together with you and your friends’ online albums from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and more. By leveraging MOTOBLUR‘s unique data and network management capabilities, users can get pushed updates when new media is uploaded or friends comment on online media in a managed way to avoid overloading the network or consuming too much data.

Aloqa‘s open, location-triggered mobile push platform has been integrated into the MOTOBLUR experience for enabling third-party publishers to utilize a user’s location, identity and social relationships to proactively inform them of places, events, bargains and other opportunities that may be of interest through channels.These channels are active only the when the user selects them, providing relevant data only when the user is looking for it and without being intrusive.MOTOBLUR Owners Portal enables users to continue to locate and erase their devices remotely if lost or stolen and back up user data such as contacts, account settings, and phone configurations with a new streamlined user interface.

MOTOBLUR-enabled applications Connected Galley, Aloqa and later Connected Music will be available as upgrades to recently announced devices including ATRIX,4G and CLIQ 2.Devices enabled with the full suite of enhanced MOTOBLUR applications are expected to ship in the coming months.Accelerates Innovation in the Android-powered ecosystem Motorola Mobility’s developer network, MOTODEV is jumpstarting global development for Android 3.0 Honeycomb and Motorola Mobility’s powerful tablet computing device Motorola XOOM with a worldwide series of developer app summits.The first summit will be held in San Francisco on March 1 and will be followed shortly thereafter by events in Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

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  On February 15, 2011(6 years, 3 months ago.)

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