3Dom Rolls Out Buzzed, The 3D Printing Filament Made From Beer

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is about to change the way things are produced more in this century than the industrial revolution did over the last 300 years. As a consequence, 3Dom has rolled up with a way to use Buzzed, beer waste as raw material for 3D printer.


Back in August, North Dakota-based manufacturer company 3Dom was highlighted in press and media for launching a filament made from coffee. They are basically well-known and specialized for making eco-friendly printing filaments.


Buzzed is their brand new 3D printing filament which is made of leftover hops and barley. To be more precise, the raw material is composed by using filtered away byproducts from the beer brewing procedure.

Jake Clark, the 3Dom USA CEO said in an interview, ‘We get the byproduct from a local major label brewing plant. It’s stuff that would otherwise just be placed in a landfill. We specifically look to make useful supposedly unusable material.‘ However, the invention from this company includes Ingeo, Biome3D, Eco-Spool, Glass Filled PLA, Dyna-Purge and Wound Up coffee filled 3D printing filament.

Watch the video to see the demonstration of ‘Buzzed’

This new raw material is reconcilable with any 3D printer which is capable of printing with Polylactic Acid. Despite the fact that it does not literally smell like beer. Rather, it gives observable grain fragments and a fine natural color slope on finished 3D products.

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