No More Chores: 5 Gadgets That Do the Cleaning for You

Robots that clean your floors. Lights that turn off when you’re not home. These new inventions might seem like something from the 1960s cartoon “The Jetsons,” but automated technologies are not a thing of the future, anymore.

Automatic cleaning with robot vacuum cleaner on rug and hardwood floor
Automatic cleaning with robot vacuum cleaner on rug and hardwood floor

iRobot’s Roomba

No, it’s not the human-like robot from Will Smith’s movie, “I, Robot,” it’s a 8.4-pound, 13.9-inch vacuum cleaning robot for your home. The smart vacuum moves from room to room, ensuring each space is clean and it even docks itself for recharging. Its iAdapt navigation technology allows for it to seek out dirt and debris with sensors. It won’t fall down stairs, damage furniture or get tangled in carpet. Additionally, Roomba can be scheduled to work up to seven times each week, making chores a breeze.

Litter Robot

This self-cleaning litter box may look like it belongs at NASA headquarters, but really, it should belong in your home. If you’re tired of emptying out kitty’s litter, upgrade to a self-cleaning litter box like the Litter Robot. After each use, it automatically sifts through the litter and removes the waste, storing it in a large-capacity drawer lined with a standard kitchen waste bag that can be easily dumped without all the yuckiness of a standard litter box. It’s the purrfect addition to your cat-friendly home.

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Kit

Gone are the days of using harsh chemicals and scrub brushes to clean your shower and tub. Automatic shower cleaners like the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner Kit can clean your shower from top-to-bottom, no elbow-grease required. The device uses a 360-degree dual sprayer to coat the inside of your shower with a cleaner strong enough to remove mold, mildew and soap scum. The device keeps your shower clean for up to 30 days and all you have to do is turn it on with the touch of a button. There’s also a booster button for tougher messes when you need it. The shower cleaning kit works best on vinyl, glass, porcelain, plastic and ceramic surfaces.

Polaris 9300 Sport Premium Pool Cleaner

There’s countless reasons why people want a backyard pool. From backyard entertaining to romantic nights in, a pool can be the center of fun. But there’s only one reason why people don’t want a pool in their backyard  —  it’s hard to clean. Having a pool shouldn’t be a chore. In-ground Robotic Pool Cleaners like the Polaris 9300 Sport Premium Pool Cleaner, available from the pool accessory retailer Specialty Pool Products, uses computerized intelligence and Vortex Vacuum Technology to keep your pool clean and free of debris. With its rear water propulsion system, the pool cleaner can navigate under stairs and into tight corners, ensuring no spot is missed.

Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

Not only does the company iRobot manufacture cute, self-navigating vacuums, the leader in robotics technologies also has a meaner-looking machine on its roster of cleaning devices. The Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot from iRobot blasts away gutter gunk like leaves sludge, dirt and it even removes concentrated clogs. Cleaning your home’s gutters is a dangerous job. Why not let the Looj do it for you? It’s much more efficient, too. The Looj can clean a 30-foot section in just five minutes.

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