5 Tech Tools You Should Consider For Your Business in 2017

It’s no revelation that technology can be used to make your company more productive, and with constantly evolving advancements, businesses can have a hard time acquiring all of the different tech tools that can make a significant difference in production output. If you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level in 2017, consider these tech tools and give your office and employees the opportunity to run at full capacity.


  1. Enterprise Social Media

If you’re looking to improve collaboration, it’s important to consider tools that can facilitate internal communication. Take a poll amongst your employees; ask them how many of them use some sort of social media channel daily. You’re likely to find a large majority respond in the affirmative. Take that propensity for social media and transfer it to a process that can improve communication between individuals and departments. Consider enterprise social media channels. These have become a mainstay in some of today’s Fortune 500 companies, and for good reason. They give your employees the chance to connect between departments that may otherwise have no interaction, facilitate communication between various levels of management, and provide message boards through which employees can communicate their questions and ideas.

  1. Intranet Chat

If nothing else, consider installing intranet chat features within your business. This technology allows your employees to instant message each other, providing the immediate contact that can see any production issues remedied within minutes. The right intranet chat services allow for private messaging for those conversations that contain sensitive information and group message for collaborative efforts. Check out LAN Messenger. This intranet chat application doesn’t require a specific server, and your company can send both encrypted messages and file transfers with ease.

  1. Accounting Services

No business can survive without qualified accounting services. Those companies that don’t wish to hire a CPA firm or full-time staff (and even those that do) may require the benefits that accounting software can provide. The right product can help small and medium sized business automatically handle the daily bookkeeping tasks that take up the hours of those whose skills could be better used elsewhere. Consider accounting software like Bench.co and streamline your accounting processes today.

  1. Application Lifecycle Management

Many companies have discovered the benefits of hiring remote workers to complete office processes, ranging from virtual assistants to developers and everything in between. If you already use outsourcing within your business, you know how important it is to maintain quality assurance, especially if you’re in the development or IT industry. This calls for ALM software. Application Lifecycle Management technology can help your team track a project from start to finish; the right products provide a plethora of features, including bug tracking, real-time updating, and chat options that can keep everyone on track, regardless of where they are in the world.

  1. Remote Meeting Offerings

As mentioned in the previous section, remote employees can present a great deal of advantages, but they also come with their own set of challenges. Improving communication with these remote individuals may require some software updates, namely, a tech tool called ScreenConnect. This remote desktop software was created to help companies improve collaboration. With ScreenConnect installed, primary users can host software on their own servers, with a central web application. This application can be seen both inside the local area network, and outside of it, meaning screen sharing has never been easier. You can share your screen with multiple people, and any number of attendees can remotely attend any meeting you facilitate. This tool improves collaboration immensely.

There’s no limit to the new technologies that can poise your business for success. Consider any of these advancements and make a difference in your output immediately.

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