A New Aspect Of Google Glasses

We have been talking alot about Google glasses on our website lately. This is because there are a whole lot of possibilities that come with such a product. Now, joy of tech has explored one such possible use of Google glasses.

The comic, of course though pun intended, does pose a very real question that will a product such Google glasses make us, say, hooked to our ‘glasses.’ This is because if content from different platforms is eventually ported to Google glasses, who knows we may get to see people laughing or crying or excited, simply by looking into their glasses.

This also poses a real dilemma because if the final design of Google glasses is quite like normal glasses, it would be hard for a user to mistake one from another. For instance, you walk into your colleague’s room and think that because of his weak sight, he is wearing a glass. You walk right over to him and then realize he was video-chatting with his girlfriend over his Google glasses and you are now blocking the view.



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