Acer’s Revo a new multimedia device

It’s new multimedia device by Acer.Acer’s multimedia device is a all-in-one device.enjoy the device.. turned out to be a piece of Acer software designed to easily share content between devices around the home. Acer’s tendency towards marketing hyperbole doesn’t do much to clarify what it is either; describing it as an ‘experience’, a ‘concept’ and a ‘console’. The console seems actually to be the software user interface. Sigh.

Content is king. That’s a given in a world now dominated by me-too devices. That’s why Acer is launching, software meant to ease the process of sharing and playing your media — be it pictures, recorded TV, eBooks and music — over a variety of devices including Acer notebooks, desktops and smartphones connected to your home network. Content can be stored centrally and then easily distributed to any compatible device via the console. Acer’s Revo family sits at the heart of the network, a suite of devices that includes the Revo multimedia center, RevoView media player, and RevoCenter home storage appliance.

And it doesn’t stop there. Acer’s latest smartphone – the Steam – was also bundled out in this announcement. This is an Android 2.1, Snapdragon handset with a 3.7 inch AMOLED screen. Acer reckons it’s packed full of unique multimedia features, but it’s not clear what these are.

The Revo all-in-one media center (pictured) comes packing a funky RevoPad wireless controller with touch-sensitive backlit QWERTY keyboard that turns into a multi-gesture touchpad with a click. Sorry, no specs yet on that. The RevoView is a set-top media player that plugs into the TV and home theater sound system. It can play content from USB, hard disk, flash cards, optical disk, or UPnP compatible devices. It also features a hard drive that can be swapped with Aspire M Series desktop PCs and the Acer RevoCenter — a compact NAS supporting UPnP streaming and up to four hot-swappable SATA disks. Check the press release and pics of the RevoPad and RevoView after the break.

Still want more? How about a new e-reader? The Acer LumiRead is positioned as a thin-and-light e-reader designed to work with the…system? It has a six inch monochrome screen and Acer has done deals with companies like Barnes and Noble to get hold of e-books. Oh yes, there’s also the Acer Aspire Z5710 1920×1080 All-in-One PC, but that’s your lot, for now. Here are a bunch of images.


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