Adobe Finally Launches Subscription Service For Creative Cloud

A few days ago, we reported that Adobe had finally launched and made available its Create Suite 6. Back then, Adobe also promised that it will be making its Creative Cloud available on May 11th. And now, the company has lived up to its promise. The subscription service for Creative Cloud is finally live.

The Creative Cloud is a very novel and excellent idea by Adobe. With the help of CC, Adobe has made all its software available to common users for a monthly fee, so that you no longer have to buy the software at their actual hefty prices.

It is not exactly a running-in-the-cloud software, as the name suggests. Rather, the software download to the user’s machines in the form of relevant apps and the users can create whatever he wishes to through these apps. He can then store his creations in the cloud and then access them from a number of other devices.

Moreover, the prices for Creative Cloud are quite affordable. Just imagine that you only occasionally wanted to make use of Adobe’s software, you wouldn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for the whole suite. Rather, you can simply subscribe on monthly basis whenever you need them. The monthly subscription fee for users is $75 per month or if they go for annual subscription, $50 per month.

Being offered together with the cloud, Creative Cloud subscription will come with 20 GB of storage space online through Dropbox. Moreover, the service will also offer web hosting and a number of exciting social networking tools. We are very excited about this offering by Adobe and we sure would like to know what do you think about it.

Source: Adobe

Courtesy: CNET

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