Adobe Offers CS6, Lightroom 4, 20 GB Storage Through Creative Cloud For $50/Month

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is finally here for the users. Adobe has long touted it as the next big step by the company and it seems that the company was quite right. Adobe is now offering Creative Cloud services for $50 per month. The services include access to use of the latest version of Creative Suite software, Lightroom 4, Muse, Edge, a number of touch applications and a total of 20 GB of storage.

The pricing of the package may seem a little too much to some but it isn’t. If you do on to buy the latest version of all the components that are part of the service, this will cost you somewhere between $1500 and $3000. In comparison, with the help of this Creative Cloud package, you can avail the service as long as you like and abandon it the moment you don’t need it any more.

Another very promising aspect of this package is that you get to have all the latest updates as soon as it’s available. If you are a professional, this is definitely very useful since you get to be among the first to use every new update offered by Adobe. The option of 20 GB storage in the cloud is also very useful. You can store all your creations online in the cloud, even share them with others as soon as you create them. This allows for a very synchronized approach to all your graphic designing and other tasks.

Adobe, on the other hand, will surely profit from this approach because this will help Adobe avoid the piracy issues that it had been facing. With the software offered through cloud, the possibility of piracy becomes minimal. An executive package for Creative Cloud is also being offered by Adobe which, Adobe says, is much more secure and is available for $70 a month.

Image courtesy midlman.

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