Mobile Commerce to Grow by 60% in 2012, Ebay Says

John Donahoe from eBay published a report predicting a significantly growing interest for mobile commerce this year. He suggests that purchases made from mobile devices are expected to reach to $8 billion by the end of the year. The gross merchandise volume will in fact grow by 60% compared to last year’s $5 billion.

eBay is confident of this evolution, considering the eBay Mobile reached to more than 65 million downloads from all the available platforms. In addition, the company’s stats aloe reveal that almost 900,000 new eBay customers made their purchases through the mobile apps in 2011. That means a 113% increase compared to the previous year.

But John Donahoe’s predictions presented to a select company at Las Vegas didn’t stop here. He also suggested that despite the leaving of PayPal President Scott Thompson to become Yahoo’s CEO, PayPal is still bound to reach to $7 billion in mobile total payment volume in 2012. PayPal’s figures also reveal and significant increase, compared to last year’s $4 billion. It is worth mentioning that PayPal’s prediction in the beginning of 2011 hinted to $1.5 billion in mobile total payment volume, double the volume reached in $750 million. Consequently, all the predictions must be taken with a grain of salt since the market can have unpredictable movements.

A real breakthrough in mobile payments could be made by the NFC technology; and, as we reported already, PayPal seems very interested in implementing it.

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