Allegation Of Underage Workers At Samsung’s Supplier Proved Wrong

A number of tech companies increasingly rely on out-of-house manufacturing. This manufacturing is usually done in markets where labor is more affordable and thus, reduced manufacturing costs. Recently, one of Samsung’s suppliers, HTNS Shenzhen Co., was accused of hiring underage workers, an allegation which has proved wrong now.


The allegation had surfaced only recently and quickly gained traction. In the past, allegations violating labor rules have also been cited towards Foxconn, Apple’s chief supplier. Samsung immediately announced that it would look to the allegation and try to discern the truth of it.

The company has since conducted an interview with one of the workers who had been alleged to be underage. This interview was done in presence of China Labor Watch, so as to ensure the authenticity of the account.

In light of the interview, it has been proved that the female worker who was said to be underage is 18 years of age. According to Samsung, not only did she clearly state that she was of legal age at the time of hiring, she also expressed significant confusion as to why she was being interviewed.

Two other workers at HTNS who were also alleged to be underage were eventually proved to be of age. Samsung has indeed shown vigilance in investigating accusations regarding its suppliers and that, in itself, is admirable. The company has vowed that it would continue to actively look into any labor abuse reports that may surface regarding its manufacturers.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Courtesy: Slash Gear

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