Amazon Kindle coming in August

It’s new e-book reader by Amazon coming in August with a app named Kindle…

A few weeks ago we reported that the official Amazon Kindle app would be coming to Android, most likely this summer, with direct access to all your Kindle books and buying books from within the app using a special Android optimized store with wireless auto-delivery, which would set the app apart from its equivalents on some other devices.

Wednesday, Penguin and Amazon came to an agreement to find profitable pricing models for the Kindle e-book reader.Pearson owned book publishers, Penguin, is one of the top six in the industry and has now signed a deal with Amazon to sell its new titles for the Kindle.

Color might still be out of the question — both now and far into the future — but Amazon seems fit to take out some of the Kindle’s fat.

At Google I/O, I got to demo the app that Amazon was showing off, and managed to snap a few photos describing pretty much all of its functionality. Unfortunately, Amazon’s rep was quite adamant about keeping the release date private, even when I offered them the EVO 4G I got in return (yeah, right!), and only quoted the already known “this summer”.

Bloomberg has it on word that the company will debut a thinner version of its e-book reader in August, and the new workout regiment will also enhance its screen sharpness and responsiveness.

No word on if this’ll apply to current models or be an entirely different variant, but in addition to no color, we do hear it lacks a touch screen. Bummer, but if the price is right, we’ll bite.


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