Animated ‘Avatar’ Comes In Reality As A Robot

Avatar‘ is one of the biggest blockbuster movies directed by James Cameron. It has earned such achievements that, professor Susumu Tachi from Keio University’s Graduate School has been working at his laboratory in Yokohama, suburban Tokyo, Japan since long in order to make a robot that can mimic the movements of its human controller.

About Human Mimicry Avatar Robot :
In order to operate Avatar alike robot ‘Telesar V’, (TELESAR-TELExistence Surrogate Anthropomorphic Robot) a special HMD and a pair of gloves is needed. These two helps to control the ‘Telesar V’. It has very special senses. It is connected with the controller. What the robot can see, hear and feel, it transfers it to the controller and thus the controller gets the robotic senses. On the contrary, whatever the human(controller) does, the robot gets the data and mimicry the same things. Basically, the robot mimics the movements of its human controller. This robot can be operated from remote.

Researcher Sho Kamuro said, “When I put on the devices and move my body, I see my hands having turned into the robot hands. When I move my head, I get a different view from the one I had before. It’s a strange experience that makes you wonder if you’ve really become a robot.” Professor Susumu Tachi, who is specialized in engineering and virtual reality at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media Design, said, “Systems attached to the operator’s headgear, vest and gloves send detailed instructions to the robot, which then mimics the user’s every move. At the same time, an array of sensors on the android relays a stream of information which is converted into sensations for the user”.

Function Of Telesar V :

The thin polyester gloves are lined with semiconductors and tiny motors. So, when the operator wears the gloves, it allows him/her to ‘feel’ exactly no matter what the mechanical hands are touching. The robot’s ‘eyes’ are actually cameras. So, whatever comes in front of tiny video screens, these two eyes capture the images and transfer it to the user’s eyes. Apparently the user can see everything in three dimensions. Few microphones and speakers are attached with the robot. These microphones pick up the sounds surrounding it and through the speakers the operator can hear.
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Though it’s not completed yet but no doubt it’s a wonderful futuristic creations of James Cameron’s “Avatar”. Being hope that, The US soldiers are going to deploy it in high-risk environments where it’s too dangerous for humans to do tasks. Do you think, this real ‘Avatar’ can create a buzz like the animated ‘Avatar’? Do provide your comment.

Source : PhyOrg

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